Saturday, March 21, 2009

AFA receives and email we'd like you to read

Today AFA received this important email below and has received permission to reprint it here.

We are thrilled this family will be joining us on April 3rd for the rally.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am the hearing parent of a deaf daughter, and deaf grandson. Twenty years ago we fought for our daughter’s right for ASL instruction and interpreters in Florida. Through the Deaf Service Center that was located there, we were able to receive a lot of support. Honestly, thought the battle was over. We later moved to Hampton, Virginia. Large populated area that housed a deaf school, but no deaf service center. Concerned us, but thought our daughter was at the age to not have any situations arise concerning her deafness. We were wrong, but in most situations, she handled the situations successfully herself.

Our daughter is now a mother of a deaf boy. From the audiologist who has tried to guilt my daughter into having major invasive surgery on her son to make him “normal” and be able to hear “rain drops” (we all know how important that is for language) with a Cochlear Implant, to the a firing of the only qualified teacher to instruct him in Hampton (see attachments), we are no longer sitting back we must once again get involved.,0,7174759.story

We, Jasper’s family, intend to drive up to the protest to provide support for the injustices that continue to be inflicted on the deaf community. I hope that this grassroots movement continues to gain momentum and by the time Jasper reaches adulthood he is able to enjoy being deaf rather than having the hearing community attempting to make him feel ashamed.

Looking forward to April 3rd, hope we have the weather in our corner.

Mary Taylor