Thursday, February 10, 2011

AFA sent the letter to AG Bell

Feb 8, 2011

Dear AG Bell,

We, the AFA (Audism Free America) would like to follow up with you since our meeting with your organization. To date, you have not responded back to us as to whether or not you had seen the film, "Audism Unveiled" which we gave to you on April 2, 2009 and we, the AFA would appreciate a response from you, AG Bell.

The AFA is delighted to share with you, AG Bell that our beautiful language, American Sign Language is key for Deaf infants/children, parents, teachers, and professors to learn and share in communicating that encourages and promotes a sense of whole being. This also promotes a sense, healthy communication between families and their Deaf children and strengthen the lies of loving with families. Please look at the following VLOG and share this with our community;

We want to remind you that AG Bell's mission to advocate that Deaf infants and children to learn how to speak and hear without the use of, and/or excluding the use of American Sign Language is simply a form of AUDISM.

Audism is the attitudes and practices based on the assumption that behaving in the ways of those who speak and hear is desired and best. It produces a system of privilege, thus resulting in stigma, bias, discrimination, and prejudice- in over and/or covert ways - against Deaf culture, American Sign Language, and Deaf people of all walks of life. ~Audism Free America

Again, we ask that you share with all of our community, the beauty of ASL and its success for all Deaf/Hearing infants/children and their parents, professors, teachers, and that together, the Deaf child will grow and have the positive self-identity and confidence that they so deserve.

Please feel free to contact us,
Let Freedom Roll!
Thank you,

Ruthie Jordan
behalf of Audism Free America