Saturday, March 7, 2009

AFA Rally peacefully at AG Bell building.

Ruthie explains about the April 3, 2009 rally at Volta Bureau (AG Bell Association) 1537 35th St, NW.

Why there:
-Audism Central
-AG Bell's promoted audism via oralism (oral/aural only) and was a eugencist.
-AG Bell Association promotes his ideals and tries to deny Deaf Culture and ASL in the media

Why April:
-American School for the Deaf was founded April 15, 1817 (beginning of ASL and bi-bi education)
-Gallaudet University's charter was signed by Abraham Lincoln
-Gallaudet will have a Charter Day celebration April 4.
-Gallaudet/ RIT Rockfest/Brickfest weekends tend to be in April.

-People who couldn't make it to Rally:
We will announce next vlog what we could do at our locals.

Let Freedom Roll,