Wednesday, April 9, 2014

AFA Looks Back to 2010

Audism Free America 

reflects back on the past 5 years

AFA began in 2009 – to see that year in review go to:

AFA alerted the community about Clarke school removing the Deaf in its name –
Clarke School for the Deaf changed to the Center for Oral Education to Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech

We shared information on our video meeting with Nancy Bloch NAD CEO and we issued a Wake Up Call to the NAD.  See and later we put forth five questions about audism to each of the finalists for NAD CEO.

We actively opposed AB 2072 – a bill in California that later was vetoed by the Governor.

We provided a list of resources on audism and linguicism.

We shared our concerns with the community and wrote a letter to the Judge about a Deaf father being court-ordered to force his Deaf daughter to wear her cochlear implants all her waking hours even if they were causing her discomfort or she wanted to have them off or a while. 

We revisited our 3 demands to AG Bell Association – which are still valid and need to be addressed by AGBAD. 

We informed the community about fines and lawsuits against Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics.

We sent a letter to NTID President Search Committee identifying the qualities desired for the next president of NTID. 

We expressed our grave concerns about the unjust killing of Native-American Deaf woodcarver, John T. Williams by a Seattle police officer. 

We were involved in advocating for the ICED to rescind the ICED Milan 1880 resolutions and we received a response from the ICED 2010.

We issued a PR web on the Historic Announcement Rejecting the Exclusion of Sign Language in Deaf Education