Saturday, July 16, 2011

Think Globally, ACT Locally - ideas of what u do locally

vlog explaining ideas of what you can do locally if you can not attend the AFA rally July 21-23, 2011

Think Globally, Act Locally
Audism Free America is having a rally in DC July 21-23 in opposition to their agenda of promoting falsehoods that promote the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is SUPERIOR to being Deaf. scroll down for vlog about the rallies
Many folks would like to support AFA but can not attend the rally. Thank you for your support - we encourage u to Think Globally, Act Locally effort - tweet, facebook, take pix of ASL sign STAND or ur feet STANDing, show the film "Audism Unveiled" (link to DVD ordering below) at a local Deaf club or Deaf school and have a post film discussion, maybe videotape other folks testimonies of OURstories under Oralism and Audism and share, host something at ur home - discussion of some of the Deafhood vlogs about the impact of Oralism and our history, and discuss, etc
to order Audism Unveiled: