Sunday, July 10, 2011

AFA Rally Event 2011

AUDISM FREE AMERICA VLOG:(see under ASL video box for English summary)


Audism Free America
I'd like to share with you how AG Bell's conduct was and still is today rooted in AUDISM. An example of this goes back to 1886 when AG Bell sealed his infamous quote of "We should try ourselves to forget they are deaf. We should teach them to forget that they are deaf." That means to focus on their ears and mouths - listening and speaking so that 'they might be the same as us' That is AUDISM. Since that time - over 130 years have passed-- but today we see that the AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AGBAD) mission is what? "Advocating Independence through listening and speaking." This means that a person who can speak and listen without signing - actively shunning it - is considered "independent." So we see an evolution of AG Bell Association from its origins to present practices taht are rooted in AUDISM via a exclusive focus on ears and mouths - oral/aural ONLYism. That is still audism.

AFA Rally (Thurs, July 21 - Sat, July 23) Mission and Schedule
AFA would like to inform Deaf people and our allies of our plans for the rally schedule and various events.

First, we have made three demands in our direct approach to AG Bell and they are:
AG Bell Association
1. Stop promoting Oral/Aural Only oriented legislations, schools, and medical intervention and stop excluding American Sign Language (ASL)

2. Stop misrepresenting ASL and Deaf Culture

3. Apologize for AG Bell's role in the reign of Oralism (Oral/Aural Onlyism).

AG Bell Association: We urge you to come forward without denials and take a good look at yourself-- come clean, listen to your conscience, stand up and sincerely apologize for what we have had experienced under the years of Oralism. These three demands we have now put forth to AG Bell Association.

AFA Rally:
Thursday July 21, 2011- Rally from 1pm - 4pm
Omni Shoreham Luxury Hotel
2500 Calvert St, NW, near the zoo.

From 2:30pm - 4pm, we will have different presenters including one who has been involved in the field of education and a leader for bilingualism. Some people will come forward to share their stories and spirit.

From 4pm - 6pm, you are on your own for dinner.

At 7pm, there will be a think tank to discuss future plans and issue as we grow stronger and stronger. The location will be announced soon.

Friday July 22, 2011- Rally from 8am - 11:30am Omni Shoreham Hotel
During that time, a representative from the National Association of the Deaf will present. Other people will come forward and share their stories and spirit too. We will STAND UP.

11:30 - 1pm will be lunch on your own. 1pm the rallying will resume at 4pm and then dinner break.

7pm: Friday evening will be an important event. There will be a vigil to honor all that Deaf people have been through and to take a mighty stand. This is on Friday at 7pm - the location will be announced soon.

Saturday morning, July 23, 2011-- Rally from 10:30 to 3:30pm - rallying, sharing stories and spirit, some short skits, and DBC representatives will present. AFA will close with a discussion of what actions will be pursed in the future. That evening we will pick a place for a social and celebration of our having taken a stand. That is a rough outline of our schedule. If things pop up and there are changes, we will let you know of them.

For you people who cannot come to the AFA rally - its important that you take a STAND and show your support. We suggest you look in your local area - perhaps see if they have an AG Bell chapter there or an audiology and/or speech center that is strongly pro-oralism, you can provide them with information about audism, sharing materials and giving them cards.

You can also make blogs or vlogs. We encourage people to make vlogs sharing your experiences with Oralism and audism - these kinds of oppressions. Vlog it and get it out there explaining it all. We want a ground swell that spreads. The bricks of their system with its obessive focus on our ears and our mouths (oral / aural ONLYism) will begin to shatter, flake, and shake. We pound away at it as we grow larger and stronger. You know the momentum began in 2007 where people began protesting about our linguistic and cultural rights, initially was very small--but has been growing larger and larger and in this third year since, we see how actively we are growing. We really need you - allies and Deaf community members - to do your best - create something to take a STAND - no matter how small or large it may seem. It is all good because it will contribute to making a big impact for the future. You will see next year as we flow on forward. So people now is the time unite, no matter if you stay home where you can blog or vlog or you come out to the rally - all our efforts will be pooled together as we make this... STAND!

Let Freedom Roll. See You There.
Ruthie Jordan,