Monday, July 5, 2010

Questions for NAD CEO Finalists from AFA

The National Association of the Deaf has named the following individuals as finalists for the CEO position:

Shane H. Feldman
Howard A. Rosenblum
Darlene Goncz Zangara

During the upcoming NAD Conference, these individuals will have an opportunity to make presentations and answer questions. AFA encourages the finalists to consider addressing the following questions which we feel are of vital importance for those taking on leadership positions:

1. Please share examples of how you have advocated against audism and the strategies you would use as NAD CEO to combat audism.

2. Do you subscribe to a deafness model or a Deafhood model of what it means to be Deaf?

3. Are you aware of the AFA petition calling for an independent and impartial investigation of CI safety? Have you signed it or would you sign it now that you are aware of it?

4. What is your understanding of the neo-oralism/neo-eugenics movement and how do you feel NAD should respond?

5. Are you aware of the DBC petition promoting bilingualism as the birthright of all Deaf children? Have you signed it or would you sign it now that you are aware of it?,com_joomlapetition/Itemid,/catid,1/func,viewcategory/