Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AG Bell Twitter's Live Feed

AG Bell had a live feed going to Twitter during AFA's rally

Read bottom up for the first to last entries

NOTE: there are many errors in their live feed

There were approximately 200 rally and vigil attendees. Deaf, Hearing, signers, non-signers, some with CI, young, old, different races and ethnic groups, from CA, Oklahoma, NY, DC, VA, MD, MA,..., England, Columbia, Canada etc

Notice how AG Bell likes to portray us like a tiny bunch of wild animals - its laughable because we were all so happy to be out advocating for Deaf folks to be seen as human and ASL to be valued and accepted. We had many pleasant exchanges with people in the area including the school across the street.

It is also interesting to note that the police were put on stand by since 6:20 in the morning when rally wasnt to begin til 11 am. LONG DAY for them!

Furthermore, their immediate release was generated before the rally even began. Wow, they make alot of interesting statements in their release before even witnessing the peaceful rally.

Many of you staged peaceful events in your area in support of AFA - thank you so much - pls blog/vlog about it and send letters to the editor to your local newspaper to help Audism End.

Over a hundred and fifty of you responded to the CDR action alert call - we thank you so much for having done this also.

We have sent an email to AG Bell's Executive Director requesting a copy of the computer assisted real time transcript of the April 2nd meeting for our records as well as for a response from the Board in regards to our three demands.

Let Freedom Roll

AG Bell Twitter Live Feed



1. Back to business as usual today at the Volta Bureau. Thanks for everyone's support last week!about 21 hours ago from web
2. AFA protest over. May be coming back tonight for a candlelight vigil. (but will be with glow sticks)2:23 PM Apr 3rd from web
3. Ruthie reported that @ sit in, (after dear Catherine left) that AG Bell had a change of heart about their demands. Interesting observation.1:21 PM Apr 3rd from web
4. AFA made speech outside; talked about 4/2 meeting. Ranted about dear Catherine Murphy but thought Alex was nice.1:20 PM Apr 3rd from web
5. has been receiving lots of phone calls and e-mails from both sides. Thx. for msgs. To receive free AG Bell Update: http://alturl.com/zxev12:40 PM Apr 3rd from web
6. http://twitpic.com/2ryi7 - Window view of protestors from Volta Bureau.11:59 AM Apr 3rd from TwitPic
7. Demonstrators wanted to "come in for a visit" and take a tour of the Volta Bureau. Tour and visit were denied.11:38 AM Apr 3rd from web
8. Demonstrators shouting through bullhorn as moms pick up children: "Deaf children have a right to learn ASL. AG Bell can go to hell."11:06 AM Apr 3rd from web
9. was asked to come out of Volta Bureau and make a statement. We heard them loud and clear yesterday. So we declined.10:35 AM Apr 3rd from web
10. protestors are about to get in between angry moms in BMWs and their children at private schools across street.10:06 AM Apr 3rd from web
11. @joshlibby Great, thank you so much! Your support counts - here's a direct link to make it easy for you to join: http://alturl.com/zu7r9:48 AM Apr 3rd from web in reply to joshlibby
12. Cowbell wasn't loud enough. They started using a bullhorn, but ended quickly. Police presence has increased to 4.9:38 AM Apr 3rd from web
13. looks like protest crowd has diminished somewhat. weather has improved to sunshine. T-storms forecasted for afternoon.8:33 AM Apr 3rd from web
14. Rachel Arfa, John Stanton, and Catharine McNally are present at the Volta Bureau -- just catching up over lunch! 45-50 Protestors outside.8:04 AM Apr 3rd from web
15. inaccurate fact on sign: "9% of AG Bell members are deaf." We corrected them at meeting yesterday, but apparently they didn't listen.7:34 AM Apr 3rd from web
16. advance posting of press release: "AG Bell Denounces Demonstrations" http://alturl.com/5u5v6:52 AM Apr 3rd from web
17. A deaf and hard of hearing unit of DC Police are standing by. They know ASL and will work with demonstrators, who are yet to arrive.6:20 AM Apr 3rd from web
18. AFA Demnd. 2: retract a letter it wrote to Pepsi in Jan 2008 regarding the portrayal of individuals who were deaf in a Super Bowl commercial5:41 AM Apr 3rd from web
19. AFA Demnd. 1: "cease and desist from denying Deaf infants children and their families the right to a natural and fully accessible language,"5:10 AM Apr 3rd from web
20. is staying dry. It's a rainy day out there. Wonder if that will dampen the AFA protest outcome. We shall see, starting at 9 a.m.3:15 AM Apr 3rd from web
21. met with the AFA representatives this morning. One demand was for us to retract the January 2008 Pepsi letter. More to report in morning.5:32 PM Apr 2nd from web
22. Stay tuned... Live Updates from the Volta Bureau on April 34:40 AM Apr 2nd from web