Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AFA/AG Bell confirmed meeting:

Ruthie explains a letter AFA received from Catherine Murphy, director of communications at AG Bell Association. We immediately asked for permission to reprint the letter here but did not receive permission until late Monday night and wanted to have an ASL version go up with it.

We also asked the name of the interpreter for the meeting and what specific issues AG Bell Association wanted to cover in their time slot during the meeting as we have made our agenda clear in advance. No reply on the items above yet - we were told we would have the specifics today Wednesday but none so far.

We look forward to the meeting tmw at 9 am - send your positive thoughts


March 24, 2009

Dear Ms. Jordan,
We are confirmed for April 2 at 9:00 a.m. We feel a maximum of five representatives from your organization is an adequate number for a productive meeting. As I mentioned in my previous email, we have already contracted with an ASL interpreter for the meeting.

I recommend the following ground rules to ensure a productive meeting on April 2:

AG Bell and AFA representatives will be prepared to begin and end the meeting promptly at the designated times.
-As a reminder, no audio or video recording will be permitted.
-Meeting participants will be respectful of the interpreter and not interrupt someone who is already signing/speaking.
-There are 20 minute blocks of time for each side to have an opportunity to state its issues to minimize any disruptions.
-No demeaning or derogatory language will be used, this includes referring to the AG Bell organization and its staff as "audists."

For April 3, AG Bell's primary goal is to ensure the safety of its staff and all participants involved. The District of Columbia is a federal district and therefore has more stringent standards of conduct for demonstrations. Specifically, you should be aware of these parameters:

-There is vehicle traffic in the area and not much room on the sidewalks to stand, please plan accordingly.
-The Volta Bureau is not a public building and the property surrounding it is private property.
-According to DC code, demonstrations are only allowed on public property (i.e., the sidewalk) and cannot block any entrances or exits to the building or the driveway.
-Demonstrators will not be permitted to loiter on AG Bell property. No exceptions.
-The Volta Bureau is located in a residential neighborhood surrounded by single family homes with the exception of a private school across the street.
-If other residents feel you are creating a disturbance, or trespassing on their property, they are well within their rights to contact police.
-Any attempts to disrupt the normal course of business, any instances of trespassing or destruction of property, or attempts to harass AG Bell staff or invited guests entering and exiting the building will not be tolerated.
-There are no public facilities available in the immediate area.

Attached is a final agenda.

Catherine Murphy
Director of Communications
AG Bell
3417 Volta Place, NW
Washington, DC 20007