Friday, March 1, 2013

AFA Calls for Divestment & Action for EHDI 2013

Summary under the video box

Audism Free America (AFA) vlog explaining how the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) system does not put ASL & English front and center and is biased in favor of a medical home and a medical "solution." We are reminded of the Deaf President Now (DPN) protest, which took place 25 years ago and had clear demands for a Deaf President and 51 % board and thus was successful. For many years now Deaf leaders and allies have been engaging with EHDI without any clear demands or progress. AFA presented five demands to EHDI representatives last year to no avail. (See 5 demands in ASL and English at Since the EHDI system has not worked to improve its oppressive practices AFA calls upon the Deaf community to DIVEST from EHDI 2013 Conference (do not pay for registration, flight, hotels etc). If people attend then EHDI will say look we have Deaf people present, Deaf stakeholder are here, even though their presence holds no power nor does it bring about any substantial progress or change. If Deaf leaders and allies feel they can not engage in divestment, they are called upon to be loud and clear about their objections at the unjust practices and inequalities of the EHDI system. Silence is not good. Community AccountABILITY is in order.