Sunday, June 7, 2009

AFA: Audism in the workplace and not giving up testimony

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Short video of a Deaf woman explaining her experience at a small company where she was passed over for promotion and not allowed to get training by an engineer because she was Deaf. Instead of accepting this lot, she applied for work at Kodak and was hired there. When she gave her boss her 2 weeks notice he thought she should stay as did her co-workers to which she replied, "Do you really think I should stay here with no prospects of being promoted?" They realized it was a good move she was making. Overtime the small company she had worked at closed and her former co-workers joined her at Kodak, surprised and happy to see her doing so well. One day she was to get some updated training and saw that the same engineer that had discriminated against her in the past was to do the training. She left the area crying and when her boss, who valued her as a very good worker and person, found out the reason, he got the engineer to accept writing as a form of communication for the training. Years later when she retired the engineer approached her and congratulated her on all her years of good and hard work.