Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contact Cullen for an apology for audist statement AFA sample email

AFA is committed to combating audism and misrepresentation of Deaf people in the media. AFA has sent a letter to Rep. Cullen (see previous posting in this site) and AFA encourages Deaf and Hearing folks to send an email, fax, or give a call to Wisc. Rep. Cullen - feel free to use the text below as you see fit.

Representative David Cullen website and contact information below:

Room 216 North
State Capitol
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708

(608) 267-9836 Or
(888) 534-0013

District Telephone
(414) 774-4115

(608) 282-3613


AFA has already sent representative Cullen an letter explaining the term audism so he is familiar with the concept. If you prefer to use a different word in the sample letter below - discrimination, oppression, prejudice - etc. Please feel free to put in the word you feel best fits.

If you want to keep the word audism but want to add a short definition (the notion that to hear and speak is superior to being Deaf) please do.

Thanks for contacting Cullen.

Greetings Rep. Cullen:

You have been quoted by the associated press in several media outlets on April 23, 2009 saying:

“This bill is going to allow children to keep their hearing, to become members of society, to go to school and keep a job.”

I find your remarks about Deaf people who do not have hearing aids or cochlear implants to be offensive and a form of audism.

We look forward to an apology from you and evidence that you fully understand the pros and cons of cochlear implantation and its impact on infants and children.

A voting and tax paying member of society,